Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Review: Heist Society by Ally Carter

This is yet another book that I'm previewing for my students for the fall. I tend to not be anywhere near as familiar with books that appeal to female readers beyond Twilight which most of them have read (and I know just enough about to want to avoid reading it), so I have opted to branch out and see what else is out there. This is one I'm glad I took the time to read.

Heist Society is the story of Katarina Bishop, a member of a family with a rather long history of being professional thieves. When the story opens, Kat (as she goes by throughout the book) is attempting to leave her criminal life behind by attending a prestigious private school in the United States. Shortly after her arrival, Kat finds herself accused of a prank involving a fountain and the headmasters 1958 Porsche Speedster. The evidence against her causes her to be expelled from the school, only to find out that she was set up by her cousin and a friend of the family in order to enlist her aid in recovering a mobster's priceless art collection which was stolen and her father is the prime (only) suspect.

Katarina Bishop is a strong, believable female protagonist. Kat is trying desperately to leave her old live behind, but finds that doing so is far more difficult than she thought, particularly when it involves her family. Just enough tension exists between she and Hale, her male co-conspirator, to keep their relationship interesting without falling into the stereotypical teen romance, and the story possesses an effective pacing free from distractions or digressions. Heist Society is filled with just enough humor and suspense to propel the reader well into the next chapter and beyond.

From Disney-Hyperion Books and available from your local, independent bookstore. (Make a difference: shop local and shop independent!)

NOTE: Ally Carter (who is also the author of the Gallagher Girls spy series) will be appearing at the Boulder Bookstore on Sunday, June 26th at 2:00 p.m.to discuss her new book in the Heist Society series: Uncommon Criminals.

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