Saturday, June 18, 2011

Review: Go the F--k to Sleep by Adam Mansbach; illustrated by Ricardo Cortes

Finally, the perfect, must-have Father's Day gift: a definitely-not-for-children children's book. This wholly irreverent and fantastically funny book expresses those thoughts that every parent has had while trying to put a recalcitrant child to sleep (regardless of whether said parent wants to admit it or not).

Accompanied by lush and beautiful illustrations by Ricardo Cortes, this book has the look and feel of a traditional children's book, and the text follows the traditional rhythms of some of the best children's books written. But that is where the similarities stop. Mansbach captures perfectly the exasperation felt by parents everywhere when no matter how many stories, no matter what techniques tried, the child(ren) will simply not go to sleep.

Not for the easily offended, this book is destined to be a classic for parents, grandparents...for anyone who has ever had the experience of trying to put a child to bed and have them actually stay there. From Akashic Books and available from your local, independent bookstore.

NOTE: For a limited time, Audible, Inc. has the audiobook version of this fantastic book read by none other than Samuel L. Jackson available for free download here. Listening to it while reading it only adds to the enjoyment of the book, as Jackson's narration is absolutely 100% spot on and is an experience not to be missed. (Even though the audiobook is free, the illustrations alone make the book worth owning both.)

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